About 40% of projects fail according to research by the global projects peak body, the Project Management Institute and consulting groups including Gartner, Boston Consulting Group and KPMG. About USD 13 trillion or 25% of the world’s economy is spent on projects each year. Up to USD 5 trillion is wasted.

Approximately 80% of projects cite poor project sponsorship in their top six reasons for project failure. Some of the underlying factors include:

  •  Understanding the role of the sponsor
  • “Too many projects” – competing priorities, change fatigue

These factors impact the speed and quality of decision making, which impacts project momentum and results.  Educating and supporting sponsors in their roles reduces the failure rate, saving time, money and heartache for organisations and stakeholders.

A project sponsor is a person that is responsible for driving the project towards successful realisation of expected benefits. The project sponsor is critical to strategic planning, high project sustainability and successful delivery of project objectives and outcomes. The role of project sponsor covers the financial and organisational responsibilities and activities that are directed to decisive governance of the project.

Service Offerings

I offer coaching and training for project sponsors – experience or new to the role – to uplift knowledge, sponsor role expectations and decision-making capability.


How to Be an Effective Project Sponsor – Workshop

Interactive session which covers:

  • The value of effective Project Sponsors
  • Project Sponsor duties and expectations
  • The Sponsor’s Journey and available help

Suitable for sponsors and leadership teams of all experience levels, it includes a project simulation


How Project Professionals can best support their Sponsors – Workshop

Interactive session which covers:

  • Responsibilities & accountabilities of sponsors
  • Business & leadership challenges facing sponsors
  • Tools and techniques to support their sponsors
  • Ways to develop a positive working relationship with their sponsor

Suitable for Project Professionals with a minimum of 2 years’ project experience

I am also available for Keynote Speaker engagements for workshops and project events, providing thought-leadership in project sponsoring.

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Our customer's reviews


I love the sponsor MODES and the productivity ladder. It helps me to see where I am in terms of my sponsor capability.

Technology, Financial Services

Executive Manager

Great to get a good mix of people and experience who can share their knowledge and examples.

Technology, The Salvation Army

General Manager

[I] found it very informative and helpful in my role as Project Owner. I really like the reference guide and the overview at the start of the workshop.

Communications, The Salvation Army

Executive Manager

[Understanding and sharing] examples of good sponsorship vs poor sponsorship is key. What works well in other organisation and knowing their role and responsibilities is vital.


Executive Manager

Good candid conversation about situations and experiences

Project Manager

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