Until I worked with Annie, I did not appreciate the value of planning and its impact on our business results

Financial Services


Annie and I have known each other for over five years. I joined an agile project coaching team at NAB and Annie was fabulous at coaching and mentoring me (and several other new team members) to step competently into the agile project space. Annie has a depth of knowledge of projects - management, planning and strategy. She is a remarkable coach, working with senior leaders to support them in sponsoring and leading large complex projects. Annie's expertise and obsession for helping others is unique. She is a great asset to any business and leader wishing to structure and transform their project delivery capability.

Maree Burgess


At a career crossroads, I used Annie Sheehan to determine the best path forward. We quickly undertook an exercise to highlight my strengths. She identified qualities in me that I was unable to recognise myself. More importantly, she armed me with practical steps, including returning to study, to achieve my goals of furthering my career. Using Annie has accelerated my career path to achieve my goal of working in a global organisation as a Data Scientist in just two years.

Siobhán Noonan

Data Analyst

Thanks Annie Sheehan for running an informative and practical workshop on " How to be an effective sponsor". No matter how long we have been sponsoring projects we can always learn new things and be open to our blind spots. #sponsorship #projectsponsorshop

Craig Tucker

CIO The Salvation Army, November 2019 (published on LinkedIn)

“Thanks for the day. I found it very helpful.”



I love the sponsor MODES and the productivity ladder. It helps me to see where I am in terms of my sponsor capability.

Technology, Financial Services

Executive Manager

Great to get a good mix of people and experience who can share their knowledge and examples.

Technology, The Salvation Army

General Manager

[I] found it very informative and helpful in my role as Project Owner. I really like the reference guide and the overview at the start of the workshop.

Communications, The Salvation Army

Executive Manager

[Understanding and sharing] examples of good sponsorship vs poor sponsorship is key. What works well in other organisation and knowing their role and responsibilities is vital.


Executive Manager

Good candid conversation about situations and experiences

Project Manager


“Annie recently facilitated Courageous Sponsorship sessions at The Salvation Army for both our Project Sponsor and Project Management community. Annie’s strength lies in her ability to present the material in a clear and concise manner that was understood by both experienced and novice Project Sponsors. The interactive nature of the sessions and supporting activities (including sponsor MODES) enabled attendees to share their previous experiences with the wider group and generated great conversations as to what “good” looks like. Our Project Sponsor community are now more confident and empowered in their role as sponsors, with a greater understanding of the responsibilities of the role and its criticality to the success of their projects.”

Peter Houlihan

Head of EPMO and Adrienne Goss, Executive Manager, Governance, The Salvation Army

I found the "The Courageous Sponsor" to be an easy and rewarding read, filled with 'yes!' moments. With over 20 years in PMO leadership roles, I have worked with a diversity of program and project sponsors. Even with this experience, I've struggled to articulate the exact attributes that make for an outstanding sponsor. In her book, Annie provides practical, realistic, tips and actions towards achieving the outcomes that we are all searching for from our projects. Upon completing this book, I set about applying some of the lessons I learnt, within my current government agency role. Not only did I feel better equipped to identify opportunities for improvement; but I also felt reassured that I'm on the right track with some of the initiatives that I have already introduced.
I recommend this book to anyone who is; wants to be; or is currently working with, a project or a program sponsor. Thanks, Annie!

Sharon Clements

PMO Manager, Australia

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